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Cocoon Foundation

On 2nd of December 2022, The Cocoon Collection  launched the Cocoon Foundation. An initiative that is mainly focused on improving the lives of the local community in the Maldives, especially in Lhaviyani atoll and Raa atoll where the Cocoon Maldives and You & Me Maldives, the two resorts under the company brand are located. 

Throughout the year in 2022, the foundation has laid a groundwork to manifest the three pillars of the foundation, focusing on the sustainability in economic, educational, and environmental subjects. Both resorts have conducted training and hosted schools’ visits from the nearby islands, aimed at building confidence and leadership of the younger generations, as well as to give the tools and empowerment to the talented individuals who wish to have their career in the hospitality industry. The resorts have also launched programs to increase environmental awareness and the welfare of the communities. The companies’ commitments are highly supported by the councils of the atoll, NGOs, and the stakeholders.
With sustainable initiatives that will help the community in the long run, the Cocoon Foundation will continuously make valuable contributions, and become a legacy that can be passed on to the future generation.

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